Uhuru Afrika is a Movement, a Community, an Ideal... and also a dance party.

Uhuru Afrika is a conscious “multi-sensory,” experience set to a unique blend of deep, soulful, Afro- rooted House music often mixed with Latin, Afrobeat, traditional tribal music, Orisha songs, and many other genres born from the African continent and the diaspora.


“Uhuru Afrika is a unique and powerful intersection of art and nightlife that challenges distinctions between the two.” –Boston Dig.


The mission is to bridge ancient traditional African music (as played by the Yoruba, the Zulu, the Maasai) and the electronic dancefloor sounds of today. Navigated by creator and resident DJ Adam Gibbons and accompanied by Malian born master percussionist Sidy Maiga, Uhuru Afrika hosts artists from all over the world to perform at their events.

Showcasing artists from LA to London as well as various African countries including South Africa, Mali, Angola and Nigeria. Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Zepherin Saint, Zaki Ibrahim, Siji, Djeff Afrozila are a few of the many international artists who have joined Uhuru Afrika for performances. Uhuru Afrika has also opened/ closed for multiple Grammy Award winners Oumou Sangaré, Femi Kuti (2x), and co-creator of Afrobeat and ex Fela Kuti drummer, Tony Allen.

Uhuru Afrika has participated in festivals and events locally, nationally and internationally including Mi Casa Holiday in Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Crossroads Puerto Rican Pride fest at Cony Island; Afrika Nyaga Drum and Dance Festival in Rhode Island; Bembe in Brooklyn, NYC; Harvard University symposium on African Dance in the diaspora, to name a few.


Uhuru Afrika is a conscious party. We honor those who came before us and set a precedent for what we do. We honor the Ancestors, and the sacrifice they made so that we may be here. We wish to continue their legacy. We hold fundraisers, bring awareness to and volunteer for causes that mean something to us, and will better the lives of people in need as well as the community as a whole, be it locally or globally.
Find out more about this in our Come.Unity section.

Uhuru Afrika Family
It truly takes a village to create a community space that is Safe, Supportive and Loving... these are a few of our leaders
Adam Gibbons
// Creator / Resident DJ
Voted  #44 on the Traxsource.com Top 100
Afro house Artists of 2016

Working in the industry for over 20 years, Adam Gibbons specializes in an Afro and Latin dance floor sound. His ability to blend traditional African and Latin rhythms with modern electronic influenced music creates a soundscape that is its own.  For inspiration and connectivity to the roots and culture of the music he creates and plays, Adam has traveled to seven

African nations and has also also studied the Olatunji method of traditional Yoruba hand percussion and Malian Manding style. He has played in clubs and festivals all over the world sharing the stage with heavyweight and grammy winning artists such as Femi Kuti, Bebel Gilberto, Oumou Sangaré, Tony Allen, Louis Vega, Bill Laswell, Shiela E, Osunlade, Thievery Corporation, King Britt, Black Coffee, Ron Trent, Jazzanova, Quantic, Rich Medina and so many more. His current project Uhuru Afrika is known globally, hosts monthly events in Boston and one-off events worldwide and it's Soundcloud page has over 100,000 plays from IP addresses all over the world. To date, he has released remixes and original music on labels like OpenBar Music, MoBlack Records, Offering Recordings and Uncover Music each charting in the top 100 and as high as #6.  

John Brewer
// Resident Photographer
A highly respected fashion photographer, John has shot for the likes of Tyra Banks and others, but John also loves to capture images of the community that he is such an integral part of. Especially when they are dancing and celebrating through music. He has an astute ability to capture a moment with his camera like no other. http://jbrewerphotography.com/
Alex Wright
// Door
Alex's vibrant personality, and infectious smile make
her the perfect person to greet our community at the door. Originally from the South, she is currently in
Boston for school while also working as a photographer. 
Sidy Maïga
// Resident Master Percussionist

Sidy Maïga is a Manding master percussionist from Bamako, Mali in West Africa. Since moving to the United States, he has been using his talent to spread awareness about African music and culture by performing and teaching traditional West African drumming. He heads the Malian group Afrimanding and has performed on stages worldwide both as a solo artist as well as accompanying artists like Grammy winner Oumou Sangaré and providing the Djembe percussion for music such as Jose Marquez's world famous remix for Sister Pearl's 'Bang the Drum'. http://sidymaiga.com/

Raven Winter
// Hostess

A native Chicagoan, growing up with the sounds of house music as a way of life, Raven moved to Boston in 2012 after a 7 year stint in NYC. She joined the Uhuru Afrika team and has helped with pretty much every aspect of operation including making sure that while you are at the event, you are safe, happy and well taken care of.   

Claudio Jimenez
// Resident Videographer
Originally from the Bronx, Claudio is a highly talented videographer who has studied at the Art Institite of Boston and when he is not capturing amazing and spontaneous moments at Uhuru Afrika, he is working on writing, producing and shooting short films.
Artists we have hosted or shared the stage with
  • Femi Kuti (Nigeria)

  • Oumou Sangaré (Mali)

  • Tony Allen (Nigeria)

  • Stan Zeff (UK/Atlanta)

  • Boddhi Satva (Central African Rep)

  • Jose Marquez (Los Angeles)

  • Amayo's Fu-Arkestra ft. Jojo Kuo (Nigeria)

  • Carlos Mena (NYC)

  • DJ Obah (NYC)

  • Ron Trent (Chicago)

  • Zaki Ibrahim (South Africa)

  • Black Coffee (South Africa)

  • Rich Medina (Philly)

  • Djeff Afrozila (Angola)

  • Antonio Ocasio (NYC)

  • Deepjust Aquabeat (NYC/Haiti)

  • Salah Ananse (Atlanta)

  • David Montoya (Los Angles)

  • DJ G (Brazil)

  • Ezel

  • Culoe De Song

  • Afrosonic [BlackDove & Mikedelick]

  • Santos

  • DJ Offbeat

  • Mohammed Sidi Joh Camara

  • KC Hallett

  • Abicah Soul

  • Ten Tumbao

  • DJ Bruno

  • Amber Sumathi Jamanka

  • Tamara Wellons

  • Wunmi (UK, Nigeria)

  • Corajé!

  • Max Pela

  • Zepherin Saint

  • Ian Friday

  • Afrimanding (Mali)

  • Federator No1

  • Manchild Black

  • DJ Sabine

  • Marco Castro

  • Househead Pete

  • Siji (Nigeria)

  • Julius The Mad Thinker

  • Kaleta & Zozo Afrobeat (Nigeria)

  • Lamine Touré & Group Saloum (Senegal)

  • Debo Band

  • Ifé Franklin

  • Nampé Sadio (Mali)

  • Balla Koyuate (Mali)

  • DJ Cruzz

  • Parajítos (DJs Riobamba + Malagón)

  • Max Pela

  • Brent Crampton

  • ALA

  • Mikeytown

Events and Festivals
  • Harvard University symposium on African Dance in the diaspora (Cambridge, MA)

  • Ka Mali Don Festival at Brown University (Two years consecutive)

  • Turntables on the Hudson : Cielo  (NYC)

  • Mi Casa Holiday in Mexico (Five years consecutive)

  • Nextaid's Beats Build Hope in Miami (Two years condsecutive)

  • Marketing Partner for the Tony Award winning musical ' Fela!' (Boston)

  • Africa Nyaga Festival in Providence, RI (Two years consecutive)

  • Mosaic Music Festival  (North Carolina)

  • Brooklyn Mecca (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Bembe (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Fela Lives! Fela Kuti Tribute (Boston, NYC, Mexico, Denver)

  • Turntables on the Vinyard : Hilife (Martha's Vinyard, MA)

  • Bang the Drum (Newark NJ)

  • Picó Picante (Boston MA)

  • Crossroads Purto Rican Pride Festival (Cony Island, NY)

  • DJs for Obama event (Brooklyn)

  • African Festival of Boston (Main Stage Performance + Official Afterparty)

  • FELA! Tony award winning Broadway musical (Marketing and Promotions partner)