Saturday January 13th 2018
Uhuru Afrika // ft. Ivan Diaz [Ancestral] Lisbon


Moving into our 10th year of curating a high vibrational musical experiences and intentional gatherings, we kick off 2018 with special guest DJ Ivan Diaz. Now residing in Lisbon, Ivan is co-creator and resident DJ of the party ‘Ancestral’ with Boddhi Satva. This is Ivan’s second time joining us at Uhuru Afrika and we are excited to have him back. 

Soundscapes by :
Adam Gibbons (Uncover Music / Uhuru Afrika : Boston / NYC)
Ivan Diaz (Ancestral : Lisbon)
Sidy Maiga (Uhuru Afrika, Afrimanding : Bamako, Mali)
With live visuals by Jay Medina
Hosted by Goddess Raven Winter Smith
Alexandria greeting you at the door. 

SATURDAY Jan 13th : 10pm-2am : 21+ : $15

THE BACK ROOM at La Fabrica
450 Mass Ave in Central Sq, Cambridge
Special thanks and love to FUSICOLOGY

About Ivan Diaz: 
As a DJ, Ivan combines a mixture of Afro, Latin, Brazilian, and other worldly rhythms with a touch of future vibes. His passion has taken him to 5 continents, 14 countries and countless cities. He landed in Belgium via Miami 6 years ago and only knew one person in all of Europe. Since then his audience has grown immensely and they
don' t show any sign of letting him go back to the US. This year alongside Boddhi Satva, they celebrated 3 years of ANCESTRAL. A concept they created in Paris with a total of 29 events done over 10 different countries including beach, boat parties and festivals. With each new venture, Ivan pushes the boundaries of the music world. Next year you will see ANCESTRAL debuting documentaries, a radio show, and clothing. All this and Ivan continues to embrace and grow his love of inspiring people
through music.

"From festivals in Nairobi, beaches in Casablanca, to clubs in Paris and boat parties in Sicily, give him a dance floor and watch magic happen."

About Ancestral:
ANCESTRAL is a place where we come together to do as our forefathers and mothers did, celebrate life. Where they celebrated under the pale moonlight, next to a vibrant fire and over the pounding of animal skin. We celebrate in an intimate venue or an open festival, under a warm sound-system and through the enticement of our Artists & DJs. ANCESTRAL is a conceptual event that has been influenced by the sound, Ancestral Soul. The sound which is being made famous by Central African co-founder and DJ/ Producer, Boddhi Satva. Together with American co-founder and DJ, Ivan Diaz, they provide a platform for ANCESTRAL music from all parts of the world. From Argentina to Zimbabwe all good music has its history and it’s future. ANCESTRAL was created in 2014 in Paris. They have have done a total 29 events in 10 different countries including beach and boat parties as well as festivals. They have had
guest DJs from all parts of the world such as; Jose Marquez (United States), DJ Satelite (Angola) Mr. Raoul K (Ivory Coast), Umoja (Netherlands), and Shimza (South Africa), just to name a few. We hope you will join us as we continue pushing music to the people from the people. Longue vie ANCESTRAL!


We are blessed for the opportunity to gather once again to reconvene and re-affirm our commitment to one another and to the groove. To honor the spiritual and energetic magic that happens when like-minded individuals that are typically disenfranchised by the mainstay nightlife venues are given their deserved space to come together... to commune, to create community and celebrate life, love, music and one another.