As we prepare to celebrate seven years of Uhruru Afrika events, we are excited to present a new Uhuru Afrika TShirt! Like our last shirts that sold out two runs, these are Next Level Brand 100% soft preshrunk cotton.


Shirts are $25 and includes FREE SHIPPING within the continental US.
(All other destinations, please contact us for shipping costs.)

As a bonus, Preorders will include an exclusive digital download of the Uhuru Afrika Seven Year Anniversary DJ mix by Adam Gibbons. 


For a limited time, we are also offering custom styled shirts by Raven Winter the Secret Stylist!

Get your shirt cut and beaded or converted into a Secret Stylist 'DashikTee' where the shirt is deconstructed and re-assebmled with african waxcloth. See Images and order links below!  


This first run of the  limited edition shirt will only be available by preorder between Monday November 23rd and Friday December 11th.


Shirts will be mailed out on Monday December 21st via First Class Mail to residents of US and Canada.

Shipping to all other locations will be calculated and paid by the customer.





Get it cut and beaded by Secret Stylist






Raven Winter the Secret Stylist has developed a unique way of beading Tshirts. 

Get your new Uhuru Afrika Dream T-Shirt beaded like the photo to the left. 
The shirt color will be Natural like the image above and the beads will be a
complimentary color to the Design. 

To get your Uhuru Afrika Dream T-Shirt cut and Beaded
like the one to the left, Click your size above and then click
below to add this option.

A beaded Uhuru Afrika T-Shirt is $45 Total
($25 for the Shirt and $20 for the Beading)

Raven Winter the Secret Stylist has come up with a creation called the 'DashikTee' By deconstructing a T-Shirt and reassembling it using traditional African Waxcloth. With color elements accenting the design.

You can see an example in the images
to the left and below. 

Secret Stylist 'DashikTee'

To get your Uhuru Afrika Dream T-Shirt styled into a 
custom 'DashikTee'  like the one to the left, Click your size
above and then click below to add this option.

A custom Uhuru Afrika 'DashikTee' is $60 Total
($25 for the Shirt and $35 for the styling)

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