Uhuru Afrika Handmade Waxcloth CD : Edition013

The Latest edition of Uhuru Afrika's mixes by Adam Gibbons is here! A collaborative effort between Uhuru Afrika and Designer Secret Stylist, each mix has its own african waxcloth design sleeve that is lined and hand sewn by Raven Winter (Secret Stylist). The edition is limited to 100 and includes a handsigned and numbered insert with info and tracklisting.


CLICK HERE to read more and see images of the production process.

Starting with Edition 13, We will be giving 60% of our CD sales to a cause. This first one is for a friend, Claudia Beruben. On January 19th Claudia was tragically killed in a car accident in Chicago. She was a big supporter of Uhuru Afrika and she left behind a daughter, Brianna. We will be donating to the fundraiser for her daughter's future.


Find out more aout this special Edition and cause here.

Click here to make a donation to for the Give Forward fundraising page here.










Uhuru Afrika Waxcloth CD's are $15 and includes FREE SHIPPING within the continental US.

(All other destinations, please contact us for shipping costs.)