Friday September 27th, Uhuru Afrika returns to Los Angeles
With Adam Gibbons, David Montoya and Blaq Pages and OVEOUS

Uhuru Afrika's Adam Gibbons was invited to curate a playlist of a few of his favorite Fela Kuti songs and share the impact that the afrobeat pioneer and social activist had on his life alongside artists like Erykah Badu, Ziggy Marley, QuestLove and more for!
Check the link and pass it on! 
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Uhuru Afrika Mixes
Uhuru Afrika resident DJ David Montoya has
just released a brand new Modern Soul Radio
show and it is FIRE!!! It also features a little
interview with Uhuru Afrika's Adam Gibbons
and Raven Winter. Stream it now below!
The debut of Adam Gibbons' remix of 'Ancestral Forest' on Offering Recordings at Uhuru Afrika!
Watch Zaki Ibrahim perform live at Uhuru Afrika